Full-time programs

PuSch / BzB

Praxis und Schule – PuSchB/ BzB - the goal in this class is to prepare students for their working life. The program lasts one year.


If you want to be part of this kind of class, you need to know German well enough to pass your exam for the first high school diploma (first level).





Berufsfachschule (BFS) is a full-time school form at the Hans-Böckler-School; it takes two years to finish this kind of schooling. At the end, students get a high school diploma (intermediate/second level).


At the Hans-Böckler-School, the lessons focus on economy and management. Beside ordinary school subjects (such as German, English and Mathematics) there are commercial subjects which are divided into different fields.


After finishing this kind of program students are able to continue with schooling, or they can apply for an internship.





InteA – This form of schooling is for students who recently immigrated to Germany and need to learn German as fast as possible.


In this kind of class students are taught the German language, German culture and information about life in Germany.

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