Our School

The Hans-Böckler-School is in Frankfurt am Main. It is a vocational school with more than 1,400 students and about 50 teachers.



The Dual System

Some of our students are currently in training according to the German “Dual System”. That means they get hands-on experience at a training company (the practical part) and also attend at the Hans-Böckler-School (the theoretical part).

The students are in the vocational school two days a week. The duration of the vocational training is generally three years and ends with a final examination before the respective authority (e.g. the bar association for legal secretaries).

Within the dual system, students at our school are trained to work in one of the following six professions:


  • legal clerk
  • legal secretary
  • tax clerk
  • administrative assistant
  • real estate clerk



Full-time programs


Other students at our school are attending full-time high school programs in order to receive their high school diploma.

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